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Budget billing

What is Budget Billing?

Budget billing means that you pay a budgeted amount that is the same every month from January to December.

How is my budgeted amount determined?
The budget amount is determined by dividing the previous year's usage of 12 months by 11 months and rounding to the nearest dollar amount. In January, you are billed for the actual usage based on the readings you have sent or our lineman reading, which is taken around December 31. The budget amount is adjusted based on this figure for the following year.

How do I get set up?
If you qualify, all you have to do is call our Customer Care Department and ask for the Budget Billing Plan.

Who is budget billing available to?
If you are a landowner on a monthly residential account, with a billing history of at least 12 months without a disconnect for nonpayment, and you are not currently using the payment plan option, you qualify for the budget bill option.

Can I pay just once a year?
Absolutely. You can pay as many months ahead as you want. When the credit is used, you will receive a bill again.

I am a tenant. How do I get set up?
As a tenant, your landowner must give us a written and signed request.

How do I cancel my budget billing?
If you should decide that budget billing is not for you, you can return to monthly (actual usage) billing, however, you must remain on monthly billing for 12 months before you can request the budget billing option again. To cancel your budget billing, call the office so that we can change the account.

If it becomes necessary for Wheat Belt to disconnect for nonpayment, collection will be made on the actual amount due plus all charges. You will no longer be able to use the budget billing option. The option will not be available again until a 12 month history without disconnect has been obtained.