Armstrong, Chase Construction Lineman
Bartels, Jane Customer Care Assistant
Birkel, Cole Oshkosh Maintenance Lineman
Borges, Ryan Staking Engineer
Cape, Mark Maintenance Operator
Chaon, Kelli Executive Assistant
Coss, Kevin Oshkosh Area Foreman
Gaines, Chase Sidney Maintenance Lineman
Gipfert, Dean Sidney Area Foreman
Gulbranson, Lacey Manager of Corporate Services
Hostetler, Carolyn Chief Financial Officer
Hruska, Yolanda Marketing & C/C Representative
Jenkins, Greg Construction Foreman
Kuhns, Andy IT/AMI Technician
Lindahl, Tim General Manager
Mathine, Tom Construction Lineman
Peters, Jordan Equipment Operator
Peterson, Shelley Human Resources
Reilly, Earl Operations Superintendent
Reimers, Eric Engineering Technician
Rosenbaum, Jeff Senior Meter Technician
Schilz, Chris Purchasing/Inventory Coordinator
Schlaman, Debra Cost/Financial Accounting
Secrest, Travis Construction Lineman
Waite, Rollie Dalton Area Foreman
Weeda, Jim Manager of Technologies
Westman, Dan Dalton Maintenance Lineman
Wieser, Pam Billing Coordinator