Energy efficiency credits

                                    **Credit must be requested and/or applied for within 6 months of installation.**

Electric Heat Energy and Water Heater Efficiency Credits

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Insulation standards set at the sum of "R" values for ceiling plus walls:
Existing Home - 30; New Home - 49

Efficiency Standards for Heat Pumps:
Central - Air Source:     SEER     15        HSPF/COP     8.2
Ground Source/Water:  SEER     16.2     HSPF/COP     3.6
Ground Source/Loop: SEER 14.1 HSPF/COP 3.3

Tri-State G & T, Wheat Belt's power supplier, and Wheat Belt match electric heat payments.

Electric Heat Pump - Air Srouce
Rebate Incentives - Base
$300/ton for units rated from 15 to 17 SEER.
$450/ton for units greater than 17 SEER.
$100/unit additional incentive for central air source with integrated controlled ETS backup in lieu of a separate ETS incentive.
$85/unit for terminal units (through-the-wall mounted heat pumps).

General Information
Minimum 15 SEER.
Minimum qualifying load for central, split and mini-split heat pump installation is 1 ton, and for terminal unit heat pumps is 12,000 BTU/hour rated capacity.
Energy Star rating not required.

Electric Heat Pump - Ground Source
$500 per ton for ground source systems such as residential or commercial ground source closed loop or ground water source.

General Information
Energy Star Certification is not required. 
Minimum qualifying load is 3/4 ton (9000 BTUH).

Energy Star Rated Split System Air-Conditioners
$100 per unit for split system Energy Star rated air-conditioners of 15 to 16 SEER
$150 per unit additional for split system Energy Star rated air-conditioners above 16 SEER

Electric Water Heaters
Basic Unit - 30 to 55 gallon resistance water heaters
  -$30 per unit
  -$20 additional per unit with lifetime tank warranty, 30 to 55 gallon only

Ground source heat pump powered or desuperheater (waste heat)
  -$100 per unit
  -$25 per unit additional incentive for lieftime tank warranty on heat pump waste heat units

Heat Pump Water Heater (air to water and may have a backup resistance element) - Residential units must be Energy Star
rated and commercial installations do not have to be Energy Star rated
  -$350 per unit (30 gallon minimum)

Energy Star Appliances and Recycling
Full-size Energy Star Certified Refrigerators and Freezers
  -$30 per unit

Refrigerator and/or Freezer Recycling
  -$60 for recycling a unit

Energy Star Certified Clothes Washers
  -$40 per unit for front load washers
  -$30 per unit for top load washers

Energy Star Certified Clothes Dryers
  -$30 per unit for clothers dryer
  -$90 per unit for hybrid clothers dryer (ventless)

Energy Star Certified Dishwashers
  -$20 per unit

Residential LED Lamps
LED Lamps and LED fixtures over 500 lumens
50% of lamp or fixture cost
Capped at $8/lamp (or fixture)
Maximum of 50 lamps per account per year

Motor Efficiency Credits
Note: Premium irrigation motors only
Motors from 10 HP to 500 HP: $8/HP
New installation wiring assistance: $1.50/HP

Pole Mounted LED lighting
The incentives will be the lower of:
  -25% of the material cost for each head or retrofit kit
  -Per project cap of $20,000
  -The sum of the per fixture values from the table below:

Minimum Fixture
Per Fixture
29,000 $475
13,000 $200
7000 $130
5000 $80
3000 $55
2100 $44



  • Energy Star Rating - Lamps and fixtures receiving an incentive shall be listed as Energy Star rated or carry the Energy Star label on the packaging.  A current list of Qualified Energy Star LED Light bulbs is available by clicking on the hot link on the right side of the following link:
  • Minimum of 500 lumens13
  • Medium base (standard residential base), GU24 base or fixtures with built in LEDs that meet the above criteria qualify.
  • Tri-State rebate only 
**Note**  -Rebates are subject to change and additional qualifiers may apply.  See your Customer Care representative for more information.