Scholarship App

Wheat Belt administers several post high school student scholarships. A $1,000 scholarship is awarded annually by Basin Electric Cooperative, and two $500 scholarships are awarded each year by Tri-State G&T, which are exclusively for Wheat Belt customers (including employee customers) or their dependents. Wheat Belt staff administers these three scholarships according to guidelines set down by Basin Electric and Tri-State. Furthermore, Basin Electric each year awards 20 additional $1,000 scholarships to the dependents of Basin Electric member system employees. Wheat Belt employees are encouraged to have their dependents apply for the college scholarships available to them.

The Wheat Belt Directors have authorized the following annual scholarships awarded directly from Wheat Belt.
  • Two $500 scholarships to post high school educational facilities, to be awarded to students wanting to enter a technical field of study or a trades training program. Students must be customers or dependents of Wheat Belt customers to be eligible.
  • OR
  • One $2,000 scholarship to a student interested in pursuing a career as an electrical lineman and wanting to attend one of the approved area lineman schools. This scholarship will be dispersed in a manner recommended by the school to be attended. Students must live within an approximate 75 mile radius of Sidney to be eligible, and do not need to be dependents of Wheat Belt customers, although all other things being equal, a dependent of a Wheat Belt customer will receive preference over a non customer dependent.
Wheat Belt scholarships do not imply any student responsibilities to Wheat Belt and other than the payment of the scholarship award, no obligation or responsibility of any form to the scholarship winner is assumed by Wheat Belt PPD.

Award selections are based on SAT/ACT scores, grade point average, work experience, participation in school and community activities, a statement by the student explaining his or her educational and career goals, and a written recommendation by a third party.

Click here (PDF) to view and/or print the application form. For questions please call (308) 254-5871 and ask for Pam Wieser, or e-mail her at

Application Deadline is February 11, 2011