Service areas

Wheat Belt's service territory covers approximately 3,600 square miles of the southern portion of the Nebraska panhandle. Parts of seven counties are served - Banner, Morrill, Cheyenne, Deuel, Garden, Keith and Arthur. The communities of Sunol, Gurley, Dalton, Lorenzo and Reddington are supplied by Wheat Belt PPD. Within the service area the towns of Broadwater, Lisco, Oshkosh, Lodgepole, Lewellen and Big Springs, are supplied energy by NPPD (Nebraska Public Power District), Sidney and Chappell are members of the MEAN (Municipal Energy Association of Nebraska). The Wheat Belt PPD main office is located in Sidney, Nebraska: two outposts are located in the towns of Dalton and Oshkosh.

As of December 2013, Wheat Belt has 158 miles of transmission line, 2,200 miles of overhead distribution and another 157 miles of underground distribution.  The load is divided into 1,957 rural and town residential services, 1,248 seasonal residential, 994 irrigation accounts, 732 small commercials (under one MVA) and 11 industrial accounts (over one MVA).

December 2013, kWh sales totaled year to date 188,945,833 with revenues of over $21,394,945.  The average winter load is approximately 21 MW.  Wheat Belt's summer peak hits approximately 55 MW caused by irrigation.  The total billed horsepower for irrigation is 67,487.